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Organizational Vision Statement

The Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre strives to excel in providing leisure and recreational pursuits and a spectrum of services that enable persons 45 and older living in our community to enhance social, emotional, cognitive and physical health and well-being. Service excellence is about seeking opportunities for growth and development, searching for better ways to deliver service, encouraging and supporting others to do their best and focusing on the needs of the community.

Mission Statement

  •  Recognize the importance of productive aging
  •  Encourage independence and pursuit of personal interests
  •  Stimulate social interaction, creative endeavours and lifelong learning
  •  Promote participation, involvement and volunteerism
  •  Enhance physical, emotional and intellectual well being
  •  Celebrate life experiences and values with others
  •  Treat everyone with dignity and kindness


We believe a supportive community environment is one where:

  •  Older adults are recognized as a valuable asset
  •  Older adults have the opportunity to contribute and expand their talents and knowledge
  •  Older adults strengthen our community and benefit personally by their involvement
  •  Older adults have access to a full spectrum of services, including social, emotional, educational and recreational opportunities appropriate to their unique needs and interests
  •  Older adults are treated respectfully and with dignity
  •  Older adults of all economic circumstances are served
  •  The diversity of people and communities are recognized
  •  That is committed to excellence and inclusion

Effective communication means Board, staff and members are open and honest, share complete information in a timely manner, seek the facts, listen generously and respect confidentiality

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