25 Days of Christmas~~Wallaceburg’s 2020 Christmas Lights Tour

Light up our community to bring some joy Happiness and positivity to the end of 2020.

A grassroots movement is happening in Wallaceburg to help spread the holiday cheer and renew hope and faith during these unprecedent times. Please read the following below and consider being part of this magical event. When the map is available we will post it as well.

Through these uncertain times we’ve all experienced a lot of darkness this year, so what better way to bring the community together than to light up our community. We can all share in bring happiness, joy and positivity to the end of 2020.

If we shine enough light and open our hearts to the magic of the season, we can usher in 2021 with the strength and faith we will need to face anything the new year may bring our way. Christmas is a magical time of year and kids’ spirits brighten up seeing all the lights and displays. The smiles and joy on their faces says it all.

For 25 days in December lets light up the outside of our places for Christmas and shine the light bright every night for 1 hour (7-8pm) minimum. Families will be able to walk or drive any night they want to experience. Let’s all forget our worries and troubles for these final days of 2020, and be the little kid inside who can experience the hope in our hearts, community connectedness and magical feelings that Christmas brings. We’re all in this together and together we will overcome.

Deadline to add your address to the map is November 27th so that the maps can be finalized by November 30th to be posted. You can signup easily using our online form (no email address required). Register here: https://administrativeessentials.com/christmas-tour/

If you feel uncomfortable with filling out the form feel free to Message us and we will forward your address to be added to the map.

Visit the Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre.
We are open Mon - Fri: 8:30am - 5:30pm

Call 519-627-6224 Our Location
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