A Little Bit of Humour – Gym Edition

The Centre is back open and with it, so is our fitness rooms and exercise classes. We are all anxious to get up and get moving after another long lockdown, so lots of people are heading to the gym. And with the weather improving (at least in theory – weather in March is so unpredictable!) even more are incorporating outdoor activities as part of their fitness routine. So why not make today’s Little Bit of Humour be about workouts? Hopefully a little chuckle will help get you through your next workout session.

Fitness That Way
I was looking for a gym one day, and I saw a sign saying “Fitness That Way” with an arrow pointing down the hallway.
“This seems promising,” I thought. I had wanted to get more of a workout. So I went down the hall.
At the end, there was another sign, this time directing me up a flight of stairs.
I went up the stairs where another sign directed me down a hall.
Then another, this time up two flights of stairs. At the top, more signs.
Now I was really curious and, being stubborn, I walked through two more halls.
Still following the signs, I walked down three stairs, out of the building, around the building, then back inside.
Still more signs! I was thinking of giving up, that I would never get to fitness.
But, like I said, I’m stubborn. So I kept following the signs. Up ten more flights, through five more hallways, down eleven flights, and up one more.
Finally, another sign. The last sign. It read “End of Fitness”
Someone please scrape me up off the floor.

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