Ask a Tech Geek~~Social Media Safety Part 2

For the next few segments Our Geek will be discussing way to keep us safe online, If you have any questions, at the end of this article is information on how you can contact our Resident Geek.

Facebook Posts Audience Safety

It is wise to check who can view your posts every time you post something. With the “audience selector” you can choose who can see the post. When you create a post you will see who will see your post with a drop down arrow. It is here where you can select your audience

For safety reason it is best to choose your audience wisely especially when sharing private information. Be extremely careful about anything that you make public, since it makes the post visible to the world. However sometimes you need to share a post publicly.

You may not know this but the audience you select for a post will automatically be setting for all additional posts until you change your audience again. It is very important for you must pay attention to your audience setting each time your post. If you want to limit who can see any past post you can easily change them however it has to be done one at a time. Just go to the post you like to change the audience setting and click the icon beside the date/time under your name of the post. Public looks like a world, friends have two people.

Since a Facebook friend instantly gets access to a lot of your personal info, Be Very Careful Whom You Friend on Facebook.

Whenever you receive a friend request, you should  verify the person’s identity.  Make sure that they are the actual owner of the Facebook account, and that they sent you the request. There are several ways of doing that you can asking them in person, or contact them though email, other social media, text/SMS, phone, etc. you could also confirm their identity by asking a trusted mutual friend.

Remember your Facebook page/profile is an extension of you so make sure that you secure your information just as you would your home. You have control over who can see your post and who can not. Don’t be afraid to delete a person you may not know personally because your safety is more important then the number of friends you have in your list.

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Till next time stay safe, stay healthy and most of all stay positive.

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