Bring Dance Into Your Home


As we continue to be sequestered at homes, many that love to dance are missing the opportunity to express themselves.  Fortunately the Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS),  has brought forth a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages and mobility.  They are bring dance into your home. The resources are free, easy to access, and include the following: (click on the title)


Resources for Seniors    (This is low impact and done sitting down)

  • Joyful music, engaging activities, and adaptable exercises are the hallmarks of the resources we’ve created in partnership with Baycrest Health Sciences. Use the resources directly, or—if you are caring for an older family member or work in an environment that needs additional resources during this period of social distancing—share them with your community.


Resources for Kids (Grandchildren)  (Something you may like to share with your grandchildren or watch/try for yourself to bring your inner child to life)

  • Step-by-step videos, activity plans, and more help to support your child’s self-expression, collaboration and physical literacy—all in fun and engaging activities that are easy to do at home.


NBS Sharing Dance Choreography—for All Ages    (If you love to dance these are awesome videos to watch or learn new moves.)

  • The 2020 NBS Sharing Dance Choreography, available for all Canadians to learn through step-by-step videos, explores how collaboration and support for one another enables us to arise and face challenges in our lives—a theme that has taken on poignant new meaning for many people in the world.



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