Empowerment Through Technology – Technology & You Workshops

Course Title: “Empowerment Through Technology”

Instructor: Sherri-Anne Wills

Unlock the potential of technology with our comprehensive course, “Empowerment Through
Technology,” where the instructor, Sherri-Anne Wills, will guide you through the pages of the insightful
book “Technology and You.” As both the writer and teacher, Sherri-Anne Wills will bring a unique blend
of expertise and passion to make technology accessible for seniors and computer novices.

Course Highlights:

Tailored for Seniors and Computer Novices:
• Designed specifically for those with little to no prior tech experience.
• Gentle and supportive learning environment.
Condensed, Yet Comprehensive:
• Covering essential topics in just 6 engaging classes.
• Balancing theory with hands-on practical sessions.
Interactive Learning Experience:
• Q&A sessions after each class for a deeper understanding.
• Peer collaboration and support throughout the course.

Course Outline:

Class 1: Welcome and Basics:

• Introduction to fundamental technology concepts.
• Practical navigation and personalization of devices.
• Q&A session to reinforce learning.

Class 2: Internet and Safety:

• Basics of Internet usage and communication.
• Tips for staying safe online.
• Introduction to email essentials.

Class 3: Applications and Software:

• Exploring various applications and managing software updates.
• Setting up and using email accounts.
• Q&A session for clarity.

Class 4: Social Media and Online Presence:

• Overview of popular social media platforms.
• Safe practices for online transactions.
• Q&A to address concerns.

Class 5: Online Security:

• Security measures for online banking and shopping.
• Guidelines for safe online dating.
• Ensuring a secure online experience.

Class 6: Multimedia and Recap:

• Managing and sharing photos and videos online.
• Final recap and review of key concepts.
• Closing thoughts and encouragement.

Why Enroll in “Empowerment Through Technology”?

• Gain Confidence: Learn to navigate the digital world with ease.
• Stay Connected: Embrace online communication and social media.
• Stay Secure: Master online safety and protect your digital presence.
• Embrace Independence: Manage your finances and explore online services confidently.

Join us on a Journey of Discovery and Empowerment!

Enrolling in “Empowerment Through Technology” will be an excellent way to explore the transformative
power of technology and its potential to empower individuals. Sherri-Anne Wills, the instructor, is an
experienced guide who can help you unlock the full potential of technology. I will highly recommend
taking advantage of this opportunity to empower yourself in the digital age.

iPad/iPhone classes start Feb 1. Android classes start March 21.
Cost: $50 Members/$60 Non-members for a 6-week session.

Limited seats are available. Reserve your spot today!

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