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Sydenham Storytellers 2019 (Photo Attribution Sydenham Current)

Did you know that the Centre is beaming with writers, and over the years they have published several books? The “Sydenham Storytellers” our local writing group meets at the Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre regularly, and have published two books.

Book Signing 2017 (Photo Attribution Sydenham Current)

These gifted local writers, share their creative passion with each other and the community. Their encouragement and support inspired published works. Their first publication was an anthology called “Breezes, Currents, and Sighs” with one common theme that knitted them together “Wallaceburg”   Their second publication was in 2019, titled “Tales From The Junk Drawer & More.”

Book Writing Club 2017 (Photo Attribution Sydenham Current)

As an inspiration to our community, we look forward to reading their next book.

We are positive there will be something that will spark your interest, so stop in and check us out.

The Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre a great place to go to awaken your hidden talents and passions.

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A Summer time view from our Exercise Room

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