It’s All Fun and Games

Wii Bowling anyone?

There is a quote by Gyles Brandreth that says, “Playing games can contribute to making you happy, perhaps even without therapy.”

At the Centre we truly believe that playing a good card game, Wii bowling, trivia, pool etc. are a great way to relieve the stresses of this world and socialize with those on hand.

Playing cards is addictive; a habit you can get your hands around ( July 2019)

For over 45 years, playing games has been one of our favour pastimes.  The camaraderie that is built while playing a game or two is amazing.  Some may say life is a game, but in reality a game can sustain life for so many, because it is a great way to connect with others.

Stop on in and see what we have to offer or check out our calendar. All are welcome. Suggestions are encouraged.

The Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre a great place to go and socialize while playing a game.

Best Pool Tables in Town

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