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Exercise Room Fall of 2019

Can you believe it spring is less than a month away? What a great time to think about getting fit for the summer and build up our core muscles.

Dreaming of kayaking or canoeing on our waterways? Come on in and tone your muscles before hitting the open water, and venture further earlier this year.

Are you preparing for biking this summer well before you head out on the road, come in, and do a few Kilometers on our spin/cycling machines. Prepare your legs and core muscles so you can enjoy longer summer rides.

Exercise Room Fall 2019

The greatest joy for some is taking a long walk in the spring and watching the rebirth of life around us. Our treadmills will help you put a little spring in your step for your daily walks.

With the signs of spring, the gardener comes out of hibernation getting ready to prepare the beds.  Our weight machines will help you tone, and build your muscles, training them for the work ahead.

Using modern day equipment, our fitness rooms will inspire you to work at your own pace and in your own way. What a wonderful way to prepare for spring and summer by get fit now and enjoy the benefits then.

The Fitness Rooms are open to all members for a minimum donation of $1.00 per visit to help keep our equipment in tip-top condition, so everyone’s fitness needs are met.

A $45/year membership fee is an affordable way to exercise and stay fit. For more information visit our registration page or stop by the office.

The Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre a great place to go for strengthening one’s mind, body and soul.

Exercise Room Fall 2019

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