The Wonders of Nature Around Us – Wildlife Photographer of the Year

Today’s Wonders of Nature post features 13 gorgeous images from the 2020 Natural History Museum’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year entries. This competition has been running since 1965 and has featured some of the most stunning images of wildlife over the years. When available, I have also included links to the photographers individual websites in the caption credits, so you can indulge in beautiful imagery beyond today’s post. Though there were so many wonderful pictures, we will most likely have a Part Two coming in a couple of weeks so we can feature even more stunning nature photographs from around the world.

Tell us in the comments below which image is your favourite!

“The Embrace” (Overall winner) Photograph by Sergey Gorshkov
“Top Picker” Photograph by Max Waugh
“Keep Looking” Photograph by Greg du Toit
“Night Hunter” Photograph by Jonas Classon
“Father Protector” Photograph by
“Head Start” Photograph by Dhritiman Mukherjee
“Taiga Tiger in the Night” Photograph by Sergey Gorshkov
“Great Crested Sunrise” Photograph by Jose Luis Ruiz Jiménez
“Snake Versus Eagle” Photograph by Sambath Subbaiah
“When Mother Says Run” Photograph by Shanyuan Li
“High Altitude Pursuit” Photograph by Haiyuan Tong
“Surprise!” Photograph by Makoto Ando
“Ocelot on the Highway” Photograph by Charlie Hamilton James

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