The Wonders of Nature Around Us~~March 10, 2021

March has come in like a lamb and spring is just around the corner. What a great time to watch the changes of the season come upon us. The migrating birds are filling the skies as they head towards their summer homes. The air is being warm by southern winds as the birds fill it with their spring melodies. Flowers will be popping up soon as the days grow longer.

This week we take a glimpse of winter turning to spring, enticing us to get out and enjoy the beauty that is abounding. The wonders and mystery of nature as it transforms it landscape before our eyes. Sit back and enjoy The Sights and Sounds of Nature As Winter Turns to Spring, with photos from our resident photographer in this meditation video set to the music “Light” by Borrtex. Their is a surprise awaiting you near the end.

We are always looking for new perspectives of our local wonders and sights so please feel free to share your with us . You can  send us a message for more details because everyone’s perspective is beautiful. 

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