The Wonders of Nature Around Us~~Part 9

The beauty of Nature is all around us, sometimes it is nice to see the beauty of other areas in Canada. Today we are going to travel out of the way to the Rockies. Tracy is back and she want to share the wonders of nature from her trip to the Rockies in mid September. The natural formations are breath taking. Thank you Tracy for letting us see the Rockies through your eyes.

We also have another wonderful collage of our local wonders from our weekly guest photographer Jennifer. Here perspective is unique especially her capture of the moon as well as the view of the water tower. Thank you Jennifer.

We are always looking for new perspectives of our local wonders. If you have some that you like to share please send us a message for more details because everyone’s perspective is beautiful. 

The Rockies by Tracy

Beauty of Wallaceburg by Jennifer

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