Trivia Thursday~~ December 10, 2020

Are you ready for our 31st addition of Trivia Thursday? Can you believe Christmas is coming upon us. For the next few weeks we will have Christmas themed trivia. This week’s is Christmas Tv and Movies. Think you know the answers Are you up to the challenge?

As usual there will be a list of trivia questions and a short story below which have the answers hidden with in it. Some answers are obvious while others might be harder to figure out. The answers are posted in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go…..  Have Fun


  1. Charlie Brown in a Charlie Brown’s Christmas exclaims, “I’ve killed it!”   What did he kill.
  2. In “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, why is the Grinch so unhappy about Christmas?
  3. S.D. Klinger is the postman that is the narrator, in Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town. What did S.D. stand for?
  4. What film did Bing Crosby’s White Christmas, the best-selling single of all time, originally appear in?
  5. The Charlie Brown’s Christmas story ends with the kids singing what traditional carol?
  6. In the movie “Miracle on 34th Street”, what does the little girl wish for?
  7. In “Jingle All the Way” name the toy Arnold Schwarzenegger character is desperately trying to find?
  8. What was the name of the Grinch’s dog?
  9. In The Polar Express movie, what is “The First Gift of Christmas?”
  10. In the Christmas Classic, It’s A Wonderful Life, what happened every time a bell rang?


Like a slap in the face, the cold December air hit Max as he stepped out of the Holiday Inn onto the sidewalk.  In the distance he could hear carolers sing Silent Night. A song his mother would sing to him on Christmas night. Oh how he wished he could be with her this Christmas.  As he walked out onto the crowded sidewalks fond memories of past Christmas’ with his mother filled his mind. 

Suddenly he heard a rushing sound and bells behind him.  There was a man hurrying through the crowd carrying a string of sleigh bells.

“Sorry! Pardon me! Excuse me!  Oh I have to get these to Santa’s Sleigh before the parade. Pardon me!” He spoke clearly as he weaved through the crowed.  When he passed Max, a bell fell from string and hit the ground with a ting. Max looked down and then to the man and noticed that the man never realized he lost a bell.  It was a small bell and maybe not important too many but to Max this was a big deal. It was a bell from Santa’s sleigh and it must be returned.   He swooped down and picked up the little bell, stuck it in his pocket and ran after the man.

“Hello!!  Excuse me Sir!!” Maxed yelled, but the sounds of the crowds, the hustle and bustle on the street drowned out his voice.

His little legs could not keep up with the man, so he hurried as quickly as he could, keeping an eye on him.  Max thought to himself, “If I was Turbo Man then I could just fly up and hand him the bell.”

As both were dashing in and out of the crowd it seem like the man disappeared.  Max wondered where he could have gone when he noticed a house modestly decorated.  I wonder if he popped in there.

He walked up the freshly shoveled sidewalk and rang the bell.  He heard some approaching the door and just before it was open heard, “An angel got his wings.”

 Slowly the door opened to reveal a little Christmas tree in the middle of a small room. 

“Hello, young fellow.” A woman advanced in age looked down at him. “And what can I do for you”

Her smile was so warm and her eyes filled with kindness and love it almost warmed Max too the core.

“Hello.  I am looking for a man carrying bells for Santa’s sleigh and I want to make sure Santa gets it.  He cannot start out the parade without all his bells. ” Max looked up, his eyes pleading for help.

“Well I would say that is a special delivery, you have.  Could I see this bell?”

Max pulled the little bell out of his pocket and held it up so she could see it.

“That is a special bell Santa will need that.  Without it the string of bells would be lost.  Let me get my coat, I know Santa personally and I will take you to him.”

She put on a red velvet coat with a large white trimmed hood.  She stepped out looked down at Max.

“No time to waste let getting going, without this bell, the string, it brings so much noise, noise, noise.” Urgency filled her voice as she walked towards the street.

She put out her hand and Max grabbed it.  The hurried down the street weaving in and out of the crowd of people. They passed a church where a choir was singing Hark The Herald Angels Sing, when suddenly they came to a complete stop. 

“Well we are here.” She proclaimed.

Max looked around there were floats everywhere lining up getting ready for the parade but where was Santa’s Sleigh.

Then he heard “Ho, Ho, Ho,  Hello Max”

Swing around Max came face to face with Santa bending down on one knee.  “How did he know my name?” Max thought to himself but that did not matter right now he needed to give Santa his special delivery.  Reaching into his pocket he pulls out the tiny little bell and held it out to Santa.

“Why thank you sir, I am sure Mrs Claus told you how special this bell was.”

“Yes” he looked over to the older woman “but she did not tell me why” he replied surprised that the woman he met was Santa’s wife.

“Because it is the smallest bells that hold the most Christmas Spirit and help usher in Christmas Miracles”.  Santa explained, while leading Max to his sleigh. “Here place the bell anywhere you like and make a Christmas wish.”

Max closed his eyes. “Oh how I wish my mom was here with me” he spoke in a whisper.

When he opened his eyes, and took a good look at the sleigh he saw a familiar figure sitting inside.

“Mom??  Mom!!  How??”  He climbed up in the sleigh and gave her a big hug.  He looked down at Santa and Mrs. Claus.  “Thank you” He exclaimed with a tear in his eye. 

Santa’s blue eyes filled with joy as he looked upon the love of a mother and child.  “How would you two like to ride in the sleigh with Mrs Claus and myself?

“Yes Please!!!” Max exclaimed as the floats in front started to head out. Santa and Mrs. Claus climbed into the sleigh and hugged Max and his mom.

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