Trivia Thursday~~ November 12

Are you ready for our 27th addition of Trivia Thursday?  Canadian Nature is today’s subject matter. So are you up to the challenge? As usual there will be a list of trivia questions and a short story below which have the answers hidden with in it. Some answers are obvious while others might be harder to figure out.   The answers are posted in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go…..  Have Fun


  1. What Species of Bat can make Echolocation calls that can be heard by humans
  2. What are newly hatched Atlantic Salmon called?
  3. The Blue Racer Snake has a very limited distribution in Canada. What Island can they still be found on?
  4. How long is the Monarchs annual round-trip Migration between Canada and Mexico?
  5. How far can a wolverine travel per day when searching for food?
  6. Over half the Alvars in North America are located in which province?
  7. What natural disturbance once played a role in maintaining healthy grasslands, but is less common now?
  8. What Salamander Species is the largest in Canada and completely aquatic?
  9. How many species of maple trees are there in Canada?
  10. What forest in Ontario covers only 1% of Canada’s land area but is home to about 20% of species at risk in the country?


As the sun crowned the horizon changing the sky into a painted tapestry of pink, purple and red hues, a young mudpuppy could be spotted making its way to the edge of a small pond.  Who would have thought that such peace could be found in the forest?  It may not be a big thing for many but for Jessica it was 5000 reasons to hike the trails on Pelee Island in Ontario. Coming from Nova Scotia it had always been her desire to visit this magnificent Nature Reserve she had always heard about.  Just over 40 km square she found Pelee Island a Paradise on earth. She could have stayed there forever.

As the moon ascended above Jessica knew that she had to head back to camp and her traveling companions. Being the youngest, they were very protective of her. They even tried to stop her from going hiking by herself but she need a solitary day to immerse into nature. She was apprehensive to turn her phone back on; she just knew there would be at least 10 messages, so she decided not to and head back. 

As she approached the campsite she could see her friends gathered around a fire roasting marshmallows. Just then Garry spotted her “Hey Short Fry, where have you been? The Carolinian Gang was about to search for you but the s’mores calls us instead.” He chuckled.

Kelly piped up, “We are glad you made it back safe but we knew you would. Even though we gave you a hard time this morning, we understand that you need time to go out and bath in the beauty of this place before we head back tomorrow.” 

Jessica grabbed a Marshmallow skewer with a smile as she thought to herself, “What better people could she share this experience with but those she was about to head to university with.”  

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