Virtual Get Together Coming Soon

Hello Everyone

It has been a month since we had to shut our doors to the WAAC’s building and I know many of you are anxious to get back to a normal routine, may it be playing pool, Pepper, euchre, bingo or having a nice breakfast and lunch at Sue’s Kitchen.

Unfortunately, it looks like this is going to be a long haul for us, so to make it a little bit more interesting we encourage you to be interactive with this website.  There will be different posts to help us navigate through our sequestered time.  Please feel free to follow us and receive emails as we try to create interactive posts. All email addresses are keep confidential.

We will be bring you information about how to get the best books and movies for free and open up a discussion session on some of our favourites.

While many of us have been cooking up a storm to create comfort foods during these crucial times, there is a plan for interactive discussions, to share our favourite recipes and the beautiful memories that are brought to mind.  Who knows maybe, with the help of the Writing club, we will be able to create a unique cookbook.

For those that are missing their card games, we hope to find some free links or apps to your games that are safe to play online

There is so much we can do and share as we experience this life altering event. Looking forward to our Virtual Get Together

stronger together



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