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With us all being sequestered in our homes, many of us are using our devices more than usual.  We are starting up a new concept on our site.  “Ask A Tech Geek” .  You will be able to ask questions from Thursday to Tuesday and on Wednesday our Resident Tech Geek will try to answer them all. (Starting April 29th)

Don’t be afraid to ask because if you have questions, you can bet you are not alone.

There will be three ways to ask your question.

  1. Leave a comment on Wednesday’s post. (or this one as the first post),
  2. Use our  Send a Message page
  3. Email our Geek at

All questions will be answered in a new post each week.  So make sure you subscribe to our website. Your email will not be shared and you get to choose the frequency you receive emails from the website.

Once you subscribe you will receive a conformation email from us. Similar to the one below.

email sample

Please click on the box that says “Confirm Follow” (It has been highlighted with a red circle in the above picture.)  This will bring you to this page.


You will find a drop down menu on this page Delivery Frequency.  Here you can choose how to receive our post:

  • Immediately:  You will receive an email immediately after a post is created.
  • Daily: You will receive a daily email with all the posts that were created in that day.
  • Weekly: You will receive a weekly email with all the posts that were created in that week.

Since it defaults to Immediately, it is important for you to choose how frequently you like to receive emails. Then click Save Changes.  Now you can look forward to our posts in your inbox (email)

Our Geek is looking forward to answering your questions each week. She would like you to know she is here to help you out.



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