Diabetes News For Seniors~~ Financial Assistance

It has come to our researcher’s attention that many of our members and the seniors in our community (those 65+) may not be aware that there is financial help for those dealing with Diabetes. The Ontario Government offers a small financial assistance through the Assistive Devices Program (ADP) to help those that are insulin depended.

Diabetic Supplies.

There is small financial aid to help pay for the needles and syringes. Those that qualify are entitled to a payment of $170 once a year.

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Insulin Pumps

There is also financial aid to help for those who are on insulin pumps or need to get one.

Through the Assistive Devices Program ADP they cover:

  • 100% of the ADP price of an insulin pump
  • $2,400 a year for supplies used with an insulin pump, paid in $600 instalments every three months
    • any amount over $2,400 to be paid by you

For more information about either the Insulin Pump or Diabetic supplies for Seniors and if you qualify please Click here to check out their website

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