Government Incentives and Covid News for Seniors~~ July 3 Update

Government Supplement for Seniors

Since last week there have not been many changes but we want to take this time to remind you to keep your eye on your bank accounts or your mailbox as the Government Covid 19 subsidy for seniors is to start arriving this coming week July 6th

If in June you received OAS (Old Age Security) you should receive $300 also those that received GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement) will receive an additional $200. This amount is not taxable, and will not have to be reported on your 2020 income tax. No matter how much you usually receive for OAS and/or GIS, you will receive this full amount. It is the Government’s way to help us out especially those who are considered low income.

What is new?

Chatham-Kent has been fortunate with keeping our covid numbers low as well as our long-term care facilities remained free from this virus. Many of the long terms facilities open up to visitors while taking precautions.  They will continue to maintain social distancing.  Each facility has protocols they have to follow and will ask their visitors to participate in as well some may be a bit more regimented in check visitors.  This is to help keep everyone safe.

We are still waiting on the government in implement stage 3.   Dr. David Colby, Medical Officer of Health for Chatham-Kent does not know what stage 3 will involve but it may include “reopening most remaining workplaces and community spaces while carefully and gradually lifting restrictions.”

Dr Colby has a few concerns as our numbers has been low and as we move forward into stage 3 some may become more relax and not take safety procedures as seriously anymore. He would like to remind people when we move into the next stage to continue to observe proper health and safety guidelines which include social distancing, wearing a mask when in close quarters in public places and continue to wash your hands regularly especially when you are out in the public.

While masks are not mandatory in our areas they are highly recommended by Dr Colby to be used in public areas especially where social distancing may be hard to maintain.

What does this mean for us?

As our province slowly progresses forward, we can move forward too and enjoy the summer months.  The only thing is we must remain diligent in maintaining our health and safety procedures.  We can take time to go for a walk or a drive to enjoy the scenery around us. We can visit friends and family from a distance if they are not part of our Social Bubbles.  We can visit our local Framer’s Market and Vegetable Stands to enjoy the wonderful local produce.

Just a few reminders, if you feel someone is too close don’t hesitate to ask them to take a few steps back.  If you still feel uncomfortable going out then stay home and enjoy the beauty in your own yard, it is safe to go out in your yard or on your balcony.

Until this is over, our website will continue to be our virtual centre helping you enjoy your days with fun activities, interesting information and exercises regiments.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out and message us.

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