Government Incentives and Covid News for Seniors~~May 19th

government incentives

This will be a new segment to help you stay informed. We would first like to thank our readers and members for the suggestions to help keep everyone informed.


Ontario Reopens

With Ontario “reopening” there is confusion on what is actually happening.  Premiere Ford is starting the first phase of the economic rejuvenation,  allowing some non essential  business to open to help build the economy.  These business must adhered to social distancing and disinfecting  protocols. 

How does this effect us and Self Isolation? 

They are still asking those over 70 or who have underline health conditions to continue to self isolate during this first stages of reopening in Ontario, until they evaluate outcome of cases after the opening.  While Doug Ford has suggested that we may have to stay in self isolation mode till a vaccine is found, Barbara Yaffe,  the province’s associate chief medical officer of health, has an optimistic outlook.   

If all goes accordingly and the numbers of cases continue to drop there may be a chance of loosening up the restraints of self isolation for many of us.  When that happens we still have to maintain the social distancing protocols. 

At this time it is a wise idea that we maintain self isolation and if that is not possible, to take special care when we are out. Which includes, not gathering with anyone that does not live within our homes, maintaining physical distance, wearing a mask and keeping close tabs on our health.  

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Government Incentives

The Federal Government has announced one-time, tax-free payment of $300, for Old Age Security recipients, while those eligible for the Guaranteed Income Supplement will receive an additional $200.  They have not given any information on when this will occur, so keep an eye on your bank accounts or your mailbox.  We will keep you informed as we uncover more information.


Covid Tidbit of Information

Another interesting tidbit of information that member shared with us.  Many car insurance companies are offering a 15% rebate for three months.  Contact your Insurance broker today or check out this article which list and see what your Insurance company has to offer.  What emergency relief will insurers offer customers? Here’s what they told us


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