UPDATE: Message from WAAC Board of Directors


The WAAC Coordinator’s contract expired Thursday, April 9, 2020.  Wallaceburg Adult Activity Centre Board of Directors thanks Jill Van Zelst for her service.  We wish Jill and her family all the best and send best wishes for her health and future endeavors.  

Please note that WAA Centre remains closed during the CoVid-19 pandemic; projection for any form of reopening is now into the summer months!  We trust our membership is aware our world has changed dramatically and understand the ramifications for change this pandemic has brought.  WAAC as a whole needs to be prepared for new ways of providing services.  After a crisis of this magnitude, our service delivery models have to be reassessed, re-evaluated and may look different in many ways.  We are unable to maintain a Coordinators position until such time as we are authorized to reopen and have processes in place.  Any job posting will not occur until after this.  

Be assured any and all decisions made by the WAAC Board of Directors and/or WAAC Executive Committee have been in keeping with WAAC Policies and Procedures and Bylaws, along with excellent legal consultation to ensure we were in line with Ontario Legislation.  

WAAC Board of Directors is grateful for those volunteers who lead through this time and those maintaining our communication links eg. social media, email and postal deliveries through this emergency.  We stand by our hard working and dedicated volunteers.  We will not tolerate slanderous attacks and allegations and/or serious misrepresentation of facts and may address those in a legal forum. 

Through our communications, email & social media we will keep our membership informed, including links on the Covid-19 virus and ways the Community is meeting this crisis.  We understand changes may bring some apprehension, be confident the Board is working hard to ensure a seamless transition and an improved service delivery model.  

Sending best wishes for this Easter Weekend; our prayers and thoughts are with all our membership, our community and our Country.  

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