Trivia Thursday~~February 25th 2021

It’s that time again Trivia Thursday, our 42nd edition. This week’s theme is “Who Do You Know” Each question is about a Famous Canadian and their accomplishments. Think you know the answers? Are you up to the challenge?

As usual the trivia questions will be listed with a short story below which has the answers hidden with in it. Some answers are obvious while others might be harder to figure out. The answers are posted with in the comment section. Do you think you can solve them?

Please feel free to leave comment and let us know how you did.

Ready…. Set… Go…..  Have Fun


  1. Celine Dion is a Canadian singer who single “My Heart Will Go On” in 1997 was the soundtrack for what movie?
  2. John James McLaughlin is a Canadian Pharmacist and manufacturer of what classic brand of soft drink (pop) with the marketing tagline “The Champagne of ginger ales?”
  3. David Suzuki, geneticist and environmental activist is the face of what Canadian Television documentary series?
  4. Peter Lymburner Robertson, Canadian salesman entrepreneur and inventor of what famous square headed tool?
  5. Julie Payette a Canadian engineer and astronaut flew on what space shuttle in 2009?
  6. Morna Anne Murray aka Anne Murray, a singer who won the Country Music Award, Album Of The Year in 1984 for which Album?
  7. Mike Myers actor, comedian etc; what is the last name of his famous character with the first name Austin?
  8. Chris Hadfeild, engineer, pilot and astronaut was the first Canadian to walk where?
  9. Wayne Gretzky, Canadian ice hockey player; how many NHL seasons did he play in?  
  10. Colonel George Stanley Canadian soldier and teacher designed what Canadian iconic symbol?


Lily placed the can of Canada Dry with a glass of ice on the table beside her plate.  Jeffery was about to arrive home soon and she want to share a little good news with him.  She could not believe what she was told today.  She felt like her head was in the clouds or more like in space. Thinking of all the possibilities this endeavour could bring them. The powers that be are offering them an unexpected opportunity.

She heard Jeffery’s car pull in to the garage. She rushed over to the bar to make a screwdriver his favourite. She placed it by his plate as the door opened.

“Honey, I am home.” He called out to her.

“In the kitchen, Dear.” She replied trying to hide here excitement.

Jeffery walked through the doorway looking exhausted.  He sat down and picked up his glass.

“Just what I needed.” He took a sip and looked at Lily. 

She knew he needed to vent so she bit her lip about her news and let him talk.

“You would have thought the Titanic was sinking at work when 20 people quit today.  They all got jobs at the new place across town. Now my workload is doubled. I will have to work some over time. Well that means more money for us but a bit less time for each other. Could be for a couple of months the bosses told me.” His body slumped in the chair as she placed Lasagna the table , another one of his favourites.

He looked up at her “So both my favourites are set before me what is up.”

“Well isn’t the nature of things, when we have good news a bit of bad comes following too.” She coyly smiled.

His interest peeked; sits up and leaned in as she continues.

“Well, I received a call from the Flag Ship Reality and they have found a wonderful new home for us.  It right in our price range and has the extra space for us especially with the baby coming. The owners want a young family to move in so the realtor gave them our information.  They would like us to put an offer in tomorrow.  Honey the house is the one you grew up in for the first 10 years of your life. The one you always said you like to own.”

Jeffery jumped up from the table and grabbed Lily by the waist.  He could not with hold his excitement no matter how tired he was.  

Planting a kiss on her cheek he was speechless but his eyes spoke volumes and Lily knew his dream had come true.

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