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For the next few segments Our Geek will be discussing way to keep us safe online, from Phishing email to social Media. If you have any questions, at the end of this article is information on how you can contact our Resident Geek. In this day and age it seems like there is always a...
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Cloud Services have become a very important part of our digital lives. It seems like everyone has one and almost every digital company is offering you one.  In May 2020 the question “What is a Cloud?” was answered. Click Here to access What’s a Cloud? Segment. Now that we know what a cloud is, this...
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We are thankful to be bring back our Ask a Tech Geek series.  It has been several months since we last saw our Tech Geek’s posts and she is looking forward to answering your questions. If you have a question you like answered by our resident Tech Geek, there is information on how to send...
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